Kota, OR: A Memorial to Murder / Mockumentary, 30-Minute Comedy Pilot

An amateur documentary crew travels to a small town to investigate its’ bloodiest serial killer, only to find that the townsfolk have turned the murder into a tourist attraction. 

2nd Rounder at the 2018 Austin Film Festival Script Competition 

This script has a thoroughly unique concept. The closest series with any similarities may be Documentary, Now! or a typical mockumentary, but this show clearly stands on its own. It’s also set up a lot of potential conflict for future episodes, with tension between the crew, the town itself, and filming the documentary.” – Reader comments

KOTA Memorial to Murder by Nicole N Nequinto Selection Laurel Austin Film Festival

HOW JAKOL WOMAN? (HOW WOMAN MASTURBATE?) / Coming-of-Age, Comedy Short

When the promise of widespread sex education threatens the Church and the Philippines, a driven and curious college freshman ,Janica, makes a shocking discovery. That woman can masturbate. 

London Independent Story Prize 4th Quarter 2020 Selection